Just as the seasons do, this too shall pass

"Focus more on who your child is than on what your child does. Remember your growing a person, not fixing a problem." - L.R. Knost Parenting is hard business. It is not for the faint of heart, the pushover, or the weak. To be honest, only the strong survive [the child/ren and the parent(s)]. If… Continue reading Just as the seasons do, this too shall pass

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Life with a fast boy

The challenges in raising our ADHD son Let me begin by saying that I am not a professional in any way regarding attention deficit hyperactivity disorder [ADHD], I am only speaking regarding my personal research and experience. Our son is nine years old. I had him when I was just 21 and he was my whole… Continue reading Life with a fast boy

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Sometimes I feel like I am drowning

You read that right, drowning; as in I can't catch my breath or breathe at all for that matter. I feel this way literally as well as figuratively. As you know, I am a mom of three children; two boys and a girl ages 9, almost 4 and 17 months. They keep me very busy… Continue reading Sometimes I feel like I am drowning


My children aren’t perfect- and I don’t want them to be

I have three children ages 17 months, almost 4 and just turned 9. Not one of them is perfect. They are messy, they are sassy and mouthy to myself and each other. They hardly every clean up after themselves and most often than not, they forget to say please and thank you. My children aren't… Continue reading My children aren’t perfect- and I don’t want them to be


My middle

We have three children, our oldest boy Hunter is 9, our youngest little lady Sawyer is 17 months and our middle boy is Benson and he turns 4 in December. Out of all three of these kiddo's he is our hardest thus far. He is our middle. I don't know if it the age or… Continue reading My middle


Why women are pissed

Let me begin by saying that negative comments towards anyone WILL NOT be tolerated. This is my opinion on certain things that are going on in the world at the moment and just as I respect yours, you should respect mine.   Research has shown that men do not really do anything to protect themselves… Continue reading Why women are pissed

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The day we have been waiting for!

Hello friends! My oh my what a lonnngggg six months it has been! So many changes have happened in such a short time. We sold our first home, put an offer in on five acres out in the woods, transitioned into fulltime trailer living (check out how that is going- here),  started a new school year… Continue reading The day we have been waiting for!


First day of Fall

Pluviophile: (n.) a lover of rain; someone who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days. Every year at the same time, I long for shorter days, colder mornings and crisp orange leaves on the ground. I am always very eager for the weather to change because with it, comes a fresh season and… Continue reading First day of Fall

Trailer life

We high class trailer livin’ now!

You guys! This past week has been BUSY!! Lot's of UH-MAZ-ING things happening on the home front but for now, let me tell ya about our new CARPORT! Beep Beep- let's back up a second. We knew that #trailerlife was going to come with some added expenses; a dehumidifier because hello- no one wants mold,… Continue reading We high class trailer livin’ now!


Three types of Love

"Love is just a word until someone comes along and gives it a meaning." -Unknown I am sure that you have heard that we fall in love only three times in our lifetime and each one has a specific reason. The first love This often happens at a young age, usually high school. This love… Continue reading Three types of Love